Auto Dialers & Predictive Dialers

Easy to Use
Our interface is very simple to use and learn.

Hosted Interface

Our service is completely hosted you just login, upload numbers and set your campaigns.

Record your own Messages

You can create your own personally recorded messages anytime you want via the interface.

API & Integration

If you would like us to integrate with your software just contact your software company and tell them to give us a call.

User Controlled settings
Nearly all options are adjustable from your login interface.

Adjustable Caller ID

You can modify the caller ID to any phone number you own.

Very Fast Results

Once you begin a campaign you will get interested call backs almost instantly.

Cost Effective
Low cost, Pay as you go. Choose from our Multiple Payment Plans to to find one that fits your needs.

Auto Dialers & Predictive Dialers


If you’re looking for Auto Dialers & Predictive Dialers, you’re in the right place.   With our Auto Dialers & Predictive Dialers, you can contact live people or leave a message on their voicemail in a much faster way then just hand dialing. With our systems, you will get immediate profitable results with almost no real work. Atlas clients tell us over and over that their contact rates have become some of the best they have ever had as compared to any other type of communications method they have tried in the past. Our less invasive method of producing contacts are setting new industry standards.


Atlas Voicecom is one of the fastest growing providers when it comes to Auto Dialers & Predictive Dialers.  Atlas Voicecom also understands that sometimes you can’t reach someone with only a call, a Voicemail, an E-mail or a Fax and that sometimes you need every option to reach your customers or clients. This is why we created all the options on our Auto Dialers & Predictive Dialers Technologies that you can use to maximize your company’s performance.


With our Auto Dialers & Predictive Dialers, you could see up to a 50% response rate in the first 24 hours, an awesome response rate in the first 24 hours.  As you can see, it is really limitless when it comes to maximizing your business opportunities.  Give Atlas Voicecom a call today to see how we can help your business get to the next level. We would love to visit with you about all that we have to offer.

Communications at the Customers Convenience.

Our services of Auto Dialers & Predictive Dialers is being used by many industries and is hailed as one of the best.

Our clients include Libertarian, Republican and Democrat Politicians. They use our dialer services to help their Political Campaigns because of how inexpensive and simple the dialers are to use and implement. Nonprofit and Charitable Organizations are another major user of our dialers in addition to our other dialer services, using them together to announce new charitable events and the need for donations is crucial to helping there cause. Our services are widely used by Collection Agencies, Roofing Companies, Mortgage Brokers, Telemarketers, Call Centers, Banks, Credit Unions, Insurance Agencies, Schools, Government Agencies, Accounts Receivable Departments, Car Dealerships, Dentists Offices, Medical Centers, Hospitals and Clinics, because of the immediate results that can be obtain all by using our easy to use system. We can be used with any major CRM’s such as Act Sage CRM, Netsuite, Dyl, Zoho, SurgarCRM, Insightly, Salesforce and Bitrix 24. Remember our Hosted Auto Dialers & Predictive Dialers can quickly target any particular calling area to maximize sending your particular messages to all constituents in your particular area.

No need to search any further for call center services that are compatible with your Pawnshop software, Installment Loan software, Rent to Own software, Payday Loan software, Mortgage software then you are at the right spot. Our communications services work great with PawnMaster, RentalTrax, Fssusa, Northridge Software, Quick Books, ECheckTrac, Introxl, QuickDraw Software, Cashtrax, ECashSoftware, AutoPal, PowerCheck, AutoTrader, CarsForSale and any software capable of exporting CSV files. All you need to do is export the people that are behind or you want to send reminders to, upload and then just press play.