What Are Disconnected Call Leads?

Disconnected Call Leads are screened leads that are generated when a person dials a phone number that is no longer in service.  The call is  sent to us and we play your sales pitch.  When the caller wants more information about your company, we then screen the call to insure it is a good lead for you.  Then the call is then sent to you to complete the sell.

The cost is $30 per qualified hot lead.  There is a $200 setup fee and leads are bought in bulk at $6000 for a total of 200 leads. (for $5 more per lead we can use our Live Agent Qualifier to screen the caller even further).

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How They Work

Disconnected Call Leads (DCL)
1. Disconnected Phone Call is Placed

Somebody tries to call a business that has been closed, a person that got a new phone number or just misdials a number that is unassigned.

2. That Call is Rerouted

The phone carrier will then reroute that call to our Interactive Voice Response system (IVR).

3. We Play your Prerecorded Message

The IVR then plays your message letting them know the number is disconnected but also your brilliant pitch message.

4. They Press 1
After hearing your pitch they will press 1 on their phone if they are interested and want to hear more.

5. We will Qualify the Call
The IVR then plays a series of questions to screen the caller and make sure they qualify for your service, poll or product that you are selling.
6. Call is Sent to Your Team
Once the system is confident the call is interested and qualifies using your guidelines, we direct the call to your team to close the call.

7. (optional) Live Agent Qualifier

(For a small fee per lead) We will have a live agent qualify the lead as well helping to insure every call is a good lead.

trvslider1.jpgDisconnected Call Leads are the newest way to generate 1000’s of new leads by simply waiting for someone to misdial or call a disconnect phone number.  We then redirect these calls to our automated voice attendant.  Our IVR will then play your recording letting the caller know about your offer and that the call is to a disconnected phone number, If they wish to hear more about your service they can press 1.  When they press 1 we will explain more about your offer and qualify the caller by having them press keys based on your questions and criteria, so you get a quality hot lead.  You will only be charged for leads that have been qualified and screened with our IVR using your questions and criteria.  We also offer a plan that we have a live agent qualify the call even further.
If you are looking for a unique, compliant and innovative way of marketing than search no further.  There are many ways of marketing like pay per click internet ads, flyers, Email marketing and voice campaigns.  But disconnected call leads is a way to catch people off guard.  When someone calls a disconnected phone number, they are expecting to reach someone.  This means they are expecting and open to listening to whatever message is played.  This type of message is so new and so unknown that it is a virtually untapped marketing resource that is sure to go up in price as the demand for it increases.  So, sign up now to lock in your rates now before the demand goes up.  If you are interested in re-selling our service contact us for special rates.